PokerStars is a top online poker room that offers players the best in cash gaming, poker tournaments and more. The brand recently announced a new chance to their fee structure for multi-table tournaments, with pricing changes set to take place beginning this Monday. Rake for certain MTTs will increase while others will be decreased.

According to PokerStars blog, on March 26th, the fee structure for MTTs with $20 buy-ins or less will see an increase in rake. At the same time, the Time Tourneys will see a decrease in rake, with all tournaments affected regardless of buy-in. The price change amounts have yet to be revealed.

The blog post was created by Severin Rasset, the PokerStars Director of Poker Innovation and Operations, who described how players can view the pricing changes. According to Rasset, the fee for tournaments will be displayed publicly via the PokerStars client, along with the fee structure. Players can easily find the amounts listed, whether they play via mobile or desktop client.

Players who log in via mobile, will need to choose the Lobby button at the bottom of the application. Select search criteria then choose Show Games. Tap tournament and all information will be ready for viewing.

For desktop players, the tournament lobby will need to be opened and the Structure tab clicked. Then look in the Tournament Information section for the appropriate information.