In Iowa, prosecutors involved in the fraud case involving a former official from the Multi-State Lottery Association have asked for permission to subpoena records from two attorneys they believe could also be tied to the lottery scam.

According to a report from the NBC television network, Eddie Ray Tipton, who had worked as the Information Technology Security Director for the Multi-State Lottery Association, was convicted on two counts of fraud in 2015 and given a ten-year prison sentence although this punishment has since been reduced. Prosecutors charged that he had inserted a stealth software program into a central computer system in order to win jackpots between 2007 and 2011 including a record-breaking Hot Lotto jackpot in Wisconsin worth $14.3 million.

Court documents filed on Tuesday by Iowa Assistant Attorney General Rob Sand show that the investigation now wants to subpoena the bank accounts of Texas attorneys Thad Whisenant and Luis Vallejo along with the latter’s phone records after being unable to arrange an interview with the pair in person.

Prosecutors explained that they have been able to reverse engineer the coding installed on the Wisconsin lottery’s random number generator by Tipton. Don Smith, an agent with the Iowa Criminal Division Of Investigation, declared that they were subsequently able to recreate draws and generate the same numbers that led to Tipton’s jackpots.

State lotteries are a $70 billion industry in America and the Multi-State Lottery Association provides games and services to 37 jurisdictions including Colorado, Kansas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Oklahoma. The provider previously revealed that an internal investigation determined that other employees had been involved in the Tipton plot although prosecutors have since tied several other men to the scam.

April saw 52-year-old Tipton’s brother, Tommy, additionally indicted on fraud charges after it was discovered that he had been one of three men to win a Colorado lottery game for $4.5 million. He had allegedly paid a friend 10% of the jackpot to claim the prize on his behalf with prosecutors moreover charging a third man, Robert Rhodes, surrounding similar accusations. Tuesday’s subpoena requests asserted that Whisenant, Vallejo and Tommy Tipton “appear to be financially involved”.