Maltese online casino games developer Raw iGaming Limited has announced that it has spent an undisclosed amount of money to purchase smaller British associate Sapphire Gaming.

The Pieta-headquartered firm used an official Thursday press release to pronounce that the arrangement is due to increase its game production capabilities and ‘deliver a world-class framework’ so as to allow it to achieve a multitude of short and long-term goals.

Emerging enterprise:

Established in March of 2021, Raw iGaming Limited described itself as ‘a completely new studio’ that will endeavor to offer ‘entertainment that stands out’ beginning later this year via the launch of its inaugural SuperSlice title. The company also stated that all of its innovations are to be ‘based on behavioral insights and accumulated learnings’ and offer online casino aficionados ‘easy-to-understand and boundary-pushing’ amusement.

Recognizable rationale:

Tom Wood serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Raw iGaming Limited and he used the press release to disclose that his firm’s purchase of Sapphire Gaming, which comes just two months after it bought Argentinean enterprise Leander Games, is to be instrumental in rolling out its SuperSlice advance and a coming games engine. The boss asserted that the move will moreover allow it to solidify its disruptor standing and better abide by its ‘stand out or stand down’ motto.

Read a statement from Wood…

“I am so happy and proud to be able to work with one of the smartest hidden minds in the iGaming industry, Alec Horley, and his brilliant team at Sapphire Gaming, which is to continue their work in our new offices based in the United Kingdom. Alec and his team will work on innovative game mechanics, develop new technologies, support external partners around our new aggregation platform in Leander Games and boost our existing game studio capacity in Malaga.”

Particular praise:

Wood went on to declare that he has known Horley and the team at Sapphire Gaming ‘for years’ and has been continually impressed by their ‘amazing results’, which have often been seen as ‘impossible’. The experienced professional additionally proclaimed that ‘it was a no-brainer’ to add this firm’s expertise to the Raw iGaming Limited family in order to strengthen its own ‘development capacity’ alongside its ‘technology platform and gaming know-how’.

Future feeling:

For his part and Horley proclaimed that he is excited to be joining forces with Raw iGaming Limited and taking part in its ‘amazing journey’ towards disturbing the global online casino games industry and ‘standing out in a sea of sameness’.

A statement from Horley read…

“Having worked with Tom for many years and seen his vision for Raw iGaming Limited, we already know we will continue to develop innovative and differentiated games engines and new never-before-seen technologies that will push the boundaries of gaming further.”