Earlier this year, the legislature of Mississippi decided to pass a fantasy sports bill in order to allow daily fantasy sports to take place within their borders. While this is just regular everyday news, we have now learned that lawmakers also included language in order to approve sports betting as well.

Currently, the state of New Jersey is fighting to see sports betting allowed in their state. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear their appeal and if they win, Mississippi will be ready to launch sports betting options as well.

According to the Biloxi Sun Herald, Representative Scott DeLano stated that modifications were made to the Gaming Control Act that will allow for the Gaming Commission to regulate sports betting if the option were to be overturned on a federal level.

The daily fantasy sports law did not go unnoticed by the public or fans of gambling but what did go unnoticed was the sports betting section. The bill does not specifically include the term sports betting. Provisions of the bill, H 967, mostly pertain to DFA regulation. The bill was not analyzed in full as it was a replacement and updated measure to a law that was enacted last year.

The language of the bill is an amendment of old legislation and changes a portion of the current statutes for gaming in the state with the former Mississippi Gaming Control Act including the language that no wagering will be allowed on the outcome of an athletic event, or a matter determined during an athletic event, or the outcome of any event that does not take place on the premises.

With the new bill, this passage is not included. This is the way in which Mississippi could begin regulating sports betting activities. With this language not included, it would lift the sports betting prohibition within the state and once a federal change is made, the state is ready to begin offering such wagering activities.

The quickest way for Mississippi to be able to offer such gaming options is for the United States Supreme Court to rule the PASPA to be unconstitutional as they review the New Jersey sports betting appeal. The Court should begin hearing the appeal in a few days.