The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has suspended the remote gaming license of CenturionBet Limited, effective June 6, 2017.

After ‘procedural irregularities’ in the Italian-based online betting operator’s contracts with consultants were reportedly identified by MGA, CenturionBet Limited was ordered on Tuesday by Malta’s gaming regulators to “indefinitely suspend all gaming operations, cease to register new players, suspend all transactions on all websites, including deposits and withdrawals.” The Italian-based betting operator was additionally ordered to comply fully with the Authority’s requests for all data and documentation having to do with its Malta operations.

The MGA goes on to state that “any websites operated by CenturionBet Limited, or associated with CenturionBet Limited, and which make reference to the Authority or the above-quoted licence is not approved to be operational by the Authority.”, which CenturionBet Ltd operates, does confirm the decision by the MGA and also assures its clients that their accounts “will remain able to allow statements checks and accounting operations.” However, as of Thursday, June 08, 2017, the website still displays the Authority logo and the suspended license number, MGA/CL2/527/2008.

CenturionBet, reportedly told Italian gaming news agency Agimeg that it “deeply regretted” any wrongdoing and that regarding its regulatory obligations it had acted “in full compliance” and guaranteed payment of “all the payment activities of the winnings.”

CenturionBet has long been suspected of having ties to the Sacra Corona Unita crime syndicate by way of Francesco Martiradonna, who is alleged to be the site’s owner. Last fall, however, the attorney for the Martiradonna family denied any connection between the family and CenturionBet.

As part of a crackdown on illegal gambling in the country, in 2015, the MGA suspended the licenses of targeted Malta-based companies including the Uniq Group LTD, Betsolution4U Ltd, and the online gambling operation Betuniq. The businesses were suspected of money laundering for other illegal activities including drug smuggling and tax evasion.