MGM Resorts International decided to invest $10 million in renovating and redesigning the guest rooms, which will make Bellagio’s Spa Tower even more beautiful and attract new visitors to the famous tourist center.

Expensive renovations:

In total, 819 rooms and 104 suites will be renovated. Guests will be able to enjoy the first renovated rooms at the beginning of July this year, while the complete redesign will be finished by October.

Ann Hoff, President and Chief Operating Officer of Bellagio, said: “The Spa Tower’s beautiful and luxurious new suites and guest rooms will reinforce our position as one of the hospitality industry’s premier destinations.”

No expenses will be spared during the redecoration of this luxury building. For renovations will be used custom furnishings; some of the materials which will be used are pearl, marble, and wood. The artistic souls will be satisfied since art pieces will be in high Italian style. 

The color palette used in the newly designed rooms is inspired by the environment: beautiful, captivating colors of Lake Como and the Alps will be the main ones, which means that the guests will be able to enjoy the indoor view as well as the outdoor one. Among the colors that are prepared for redecoration are garnet, azure, indigo, solferino, lapis, dusty rose, peacock blue, and jade – all of whom can be found in beautiful nature that draws many tourists to Bellagio.

With the help of amazing designers:

The designer of the rooms is the design studio Champalimaud Design from New York. The studio partnered with MGM’s Design Group, and the plan is to renovate the rooms to be at the same level as recently upgraded rooms at the Bellagio main tower.

Winston Kong, one of the partners at Champalimaud Design, said: “We wanted to create a residential aesthetic with the timeless sense of luxury that is uniquely Bellagio. We found inspiration in the colors of Lake Como’s surrounding flora and the classical style of the building’s architecture.”

The Spa Tower project includes renovations which will be conducted in Salon Suites that are 850-square-foot. Also, there are 1000 square feet of Bellagio Suites, as well as 1.500 square feet of Penthouses and 1.500 square feet two bedroom Bellagio Suites

However, the biggest part of the renovations is 2.500 square feet of Executive Hospitality Suites. Among other things, they contain billiards lounges and living areas with home theater.

Next year, the renovation of the 400 suites in the Bellagio Tower will be conducted by MGM and Champalimaud.