In partnership with MGM Interactive Inc. (MGM), top software company Playtech has launched a new online slot game based on the popular 1980s movie RoboCop. The thrilling new slot game tells the story of Murphy, the bionic policeman as he swears to ‘Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, and uphold the law’.

As a subsidiary of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., MGM Interactive Inc. helped Playtech by providing access to the RoboCop brand. The 1980s movie story line follows Murphy as he was shot and left for dead by Clarence Boddicker’s gang, then brought back to life after being rebuilt as an advanced cybercop. RoboCop then uses his skills to clean up the city, taking down Boddicker and Dick Jones, the OCP mega corporation boss.

In the new slot game, Playtech has provided players with the opportunity to bring justice to Detroit, a corrupt and crime-ridden city. Crime-fighting features are included in the game as well as free game modes. For a large payout, players want to see the 3×3 ED-209 Wild on the reels. To earn even more prizes, players will need to break into the boardroom of OCP to track down the corrupt executives of the company. Extra wild symbols on the reels will provide multipliers with as much as 5x the win.

In a statement by Playtech on the new game, Casino Director James Frendo commented that players have grown up watching the iconic film and no one can forget the non-stop action sequences and the presence and sounds of RoboCop. The content team at Playtech has worked incredibly hard to deliver the RoboCop game that stays true to the original film, including new features.