They say third times a charm and for poker player Jeremy Meacham this old saying rings true. Meacham recently took part in the 2017 World Series of Poker Circuit Foxwoods Main Event for the third time in a row, this time finally taking down the first-place win. The poker player was able to outlast the field of 486 players to take home the coveted gold ring and the top prize of just over $156,000.

According to Cardplayer, Meacham made the final table in 2015 and 2016. Two years ago, he finished in 6th place while last year he managed to finish in the 3rd position. 2017 proved to be his year as he outlasted the talented field and defeated Sean Thomson in heads-up play to earn the big win.

Foxwoods Resort & Casino played host to the WSOPC stop and when the poker tournament whittled down to the final table, Meacham would hold the second position in chips, just behind Mika Azzaro. The tournament would eventually cut down from a final table of nine to just two players, Meacham and Thomson. Sean Thomson had played well during the final table and amassed a nice lead going in to heads-up play.

With more than 7m in chips to Meacham’s 2.6m, it looked as though Thomson would be the winner. However, Meacham was ready to win and ended up taking the lead on a hand when he decided to go all in with A-10 of diamonds. His hand held up to Thomson’s K-J of spades and he ended up with a 2 to 1 chip lead over his competitor.

On the final hand, Meacham would move all-in from the button and Thomson would call. Meacham showed pocket deuces with Thomson flipping over A-Q off-suit. The flop showed Q-3-2 giving Meacham trips. The 7 on the turn and 10 on the river were no help to Thomson, who would have to settle for the second-place finish.

Final Results:

Position Player Payout
First Jeremy Meacham $156,735
Second Sean Thomson $96,957
Third Robert Ricciuti $70,713
Fourth Michael Azzaro $52,488
Fifth Galen Hall $39,366
Sixth Filippos Starvrakis $30,035
Seventh Lawrence Greenberg $23,328
Eighth Ralph Massey $18,225
Ninth Fabio Dagata $14,602