It has been reported on May 8th 2015, that the progression of Romania’s online gambling framework draft has been approved by Romania’s Chamber of Deputies.

This draft will now be sent for final review and approval by President Klaus Iohannis. Once the President has verified the framework then it could be implemented into the Romanian law in less than a week.

The new online gambling framework will set out the national requirements for operators in order to gain licenses for online gambling products and services. Also there has been a 20% tax duty attached by Romanian policy makers for online gambling revenues. A clause in the draft law, which can be returned to the Chamber of Deputies, levies the retroactively back to 2009.

According to these amendments, gambling activities can be conducted under Romanian jurisdiction by Romanian legal entities as well as operators that are based within the European Union member states or in Iceland, Norway, and the Swiss Confederation and in Liechtenstein.

This means that servers can be placed anywhere within the EU, but operators will also need a safe server and also a mirror server that is in Romania.