It was announced on Friday that Jorge Alberto Goitia, who is an Argentine businessman, along with a number of European operators and Uruguayan investors have bought the Mantra Resort and Casino that is situated in Manantiales, which is a resort in the Maldonado Department of south eastern Uruguay.

This acquisition includes the involvement of international hoteliers as well as an agreement with the Bagatelle hotel chain that operates within Saint-Tropez and other cities.

Monzeglio Remo, the new CEO of Mantra has said that since the 1st May 2015, the group has been in control of this large tourist complex.

It is also believed that the Casinos del Litoral group which is run by Jorge Alberto Goitia will get the gaming halls in Manantiales as well as the Nogaro casino that includes a theatre and restaurant.

The casino that is in the hotel and the Nogaro casino will fall under the mixed system. This system is where private investors are able to set up casinos in hotels, but the state manages and runs the casino and receives between 35% and 45% of casino profit.

The hotel is now preparing for a re-launch plan.