BUSINESS WIRE – Sydney-based game design studio, Royal Wins, has just released its game-changing social casino experience – Mojikan’s Kash Karnival, with initial public response indicating it could be the next evolutionary experience the gaming industry has been looking for. Following extensive research and testing during 2013, the company decided to pivot from its original social games focus and create a new category of free-to-play, ‘hybrid’ skill + casino social and wagering games. After more than 6 months of development, Robert Fong, CEO of Royal Wins believes the product is now ready to disrupt the existing online casino gaming landscape.

The new hybrid social gaming hub, the Kash Karnival, opens its doors with four initial games which are split evenly across skill and the more traditional chance-based casino games, although all games incorporate elements of both skill and random number-generated (RNG) outcomes.

Mr. Fong said that “We believe that social games players should be rewarded for their skill, while more traditional casino games players are often served up a mediocre in-game experience. Our new ‘hybrid’ games address both these issues, by rewarding players for their skill, AND by bringing new styles of game mechanics and skill-based elements into what, up until now, has only been very basic, uninteresting traditional slots and casino games.

Games are accessed through the Kash Karnival’s graphically rich and immersive ‘Royal Hub’ which has a grand and exciting look and feel. Players are addressed as ‘patrons’ and have the ability to interact with countless avatar characters and features. From the Royal Hub, players are able to explore either the ‘Skill District’ or ‘Adventure Casino’ and enjoy games which promise to take you on a journey with their entertaining characters and stories. And in continuing with the ‘Royal’ theme, Players are able to work their way up the leader board to eventually become members of the ‘Royal Family, and ultimately, Kash King or Kash Queen.

The launch release is accessible to anyone in the world via Facebook and aims to build on the game’s impressive 10,000+ early adopter fan base. However, the company has big plans to release additional versions across other platforms including tablet and mobile. Director of Gaming of Royal Wins, Tony McAuslan, added that “We see ourselves as a high-end, high quality truly innovative studio, utilizing the very best of breed game engines and gaming technologies, to produce the very best 2D and 3D games of skill and chance.”

Royal Wins has recently closed its first round of funding with A$2M and has a big year planned ahead. The company is staffed by some of Australia’s leading game designers and artists, many of whom learnt their trade with stints at some of the world’s biggest game developers including Aristocrat, IGT, Konami and NextGen Gaming, and has plans to release a ‘real money’ version of its casino at the end of 2014.



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Royal Wins
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Telephone: +61 (02) 9267 6999

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