In the online poker world, Game Theory Optimal strategy or GTO is often used by players to hone a gaming style. In general, software of this nature is created for no-limit hold’em as that is the game of choice among the masses. At Run It Once, players have access to GTO trainers that help with gameplay in a range of options, including other poker variants. The site just announced the launch of Vision, a GTO trainer that focuses specifically on pot-limit Omaha gaming.

Vision Options:

With Vision, PLO players will be able to review gaming actions in seconds. The option is also offered via mobile, so players can review their gameplay while on the go. Players can easily review specific Omaha hands as well as put poker knowledge to the test with a quiz generator, customizable to the individual.

According to the source

Vision offers over 300 preset boards and more than 6,000 solver simulations. Players can easily change up boards, actions, hands and other options with the click of the mouse. Those interested in the GTO trainer for PLO will need to pay a monthly fee to access the option. Players can choose to pay the $129.99 monthly fee for access or save 25% by paying annually.

About Run It Once:

The Run It Once training site was created by poker players for poker players. The brainchild of Phil Galfond, the site provides access to videos created by 100s of professional poker players, providing insight into all avenues of the game.

The site has a strong community, where players can share tips and tricks via video threads and in forums. Run It Once even has a Discord where players can find additional information to help improve their poker game.