The country of Rwanda was all set to see the country’s first casino open on October 21 but the opening has been delayed by unforeseen delays. According to insiders, there is unfinished work at the building where the casino will be located and several workers said there was a delay on an equipment shipment from overseas. Casino Kigali is going to be located on the first floor of the Top Tower Hotel which did open on schedule but there is no sign of gaming tables as of yet.

Lotto Rwanda, a national lottery company, will be running the new casino when it does open. The next step planned is placing video gaming in bars, nightclubs and restaurants around the city. The owners of the establishments would be franchisees of Lotto Rwanda and would gain commissions from the use of the machines.

The Director General of Lotto Rwanda, Philip Brizou, has said that the casino is just one among many innovations that the company has planned for the changing Rwanda environment. He believes these changes can help to stabilize the Rwandan economy in the aftermath of 14 years of internal turmoil and genocide.

Kigali is the both the largest city and the capital of Rwanda, located right in the middle of the country. It has been the center of culture and the economy since the country’s independence in 1962. The city is the logical choice for the nation’s first casino which Brizou considers to be a part of “re-distributing national wealth” and “stabilising the economy”.