Safter Gambling Week is an initiative taking place November 19-25, with a public awareness campaign to start a national conversation about responsible gambling. The campaign is focused on promoting safer gaming and over 120,000 employees of gambling facilities and websites are taking part. The goal is to start a conversation between customers, staff members, and the public in general regarding safe gambling practices.

Promoting a Safe Gambling Environment

With the conversation started, players can remember to practice safe gambling year-round. The campaign helps to teach players how to gamble more safely including tools for responsible gaming. Resources are made available for advice and support when players need help with gambling behavior or issues.

The gambling industry across the United Kingdom and Ireland are taking part. This includes casinos and online gaming sites, sports betting shops, bingo clubs, amusement arcades, and more. Everyone is supporting Safer Gambling Week in 2020.

Additional Support

Facilities, as well as websites that offer gambling services, provide information on safe gambling practices throughout the year. During the special SG Week, teams will be more visible with special materials as well as providing additional support and advice.

Supporting organizations of SG Week have a range of promotional materials at their disposal with key information to assist gamblers. This includes asking questions about gambling behavior, providing details about how to find more information and help as need. Five key behaviors of safer gambling are highlighted within these materials, with details splashed across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

GamCare and YGAM are charities that provide gambling support to players as needed. During SG Week, the charities will be providing workshops and training sessions. A focus will be placed on parents and individuals who work with young people.

The sessions will include information on helping young people understand the risks connected to gambling along with choices that can be made to gamble responsibly. Tools are also provided on how to manage behavior when it comes to gambling.