One of the most popular events on the partypoker LIVE 2017 Caribbean Poker Party schedule was of course the Main Event. Finishing out the Punta Cana poker series, the Main Event saw 1,061 players competing over three starting flights, each paying the $5,300 buy-in. With so many players taking part, the prize pool reached $5,145,850 with 111 players earning a payday. In the end, it was Sam Greenwood who would outlast the field, earning the first-place finish.

Greenwood would end his foray into the Caribbean Poker Party with the big win after finishing 3rd in the $10,300 MILLIONS High Roller tournament as well as runner-up during the $25,500 Super High Roller tournament. Greenwood was due a win and what could be better than being the last player standing during the Main Event?

On the fifth day of the Main Event, twelve players would return to the felt to narrow down to the final table. It wouldn’t take long before Michael Malm was out in 12th, followed by Ruben Perceval in 11th and Jason Koon in 10th. Damian Lomza would be eliminated in 9th, leaving eight players to create the official final table.

According to the partypoker blog, the eliminations would continue until only Greenwood and Andrey Shatilov would remain. Heads-up play would begin between the two and last for close to three hours before Greenwood would earn the poker title win. On the final hand, Greenwood would raise and be called by Shatilov before the flop fell 8-6-4. Shatilove would check call and the turn showed a 4 of diamonds. Shatilov would check but Greenwood would bet. Shatilov called with a check-raise all-in which Greenwood would call.

Greenwood showed pocket kings while Shatilov held 9-8 of clubs. A five on the river would complete the board and give Greenwood the win, sending Shatilov home in second place.

Final Table Results:

Place Player Prize
First Sam Greenwood $1,000,000
Second Andrey Shatilov $650,000
Third Jonas Gjelstad $450,000
Fourth Jiri Horak $315,850
Fifth Felipe Ramos $220,000
Sixth Preben Stokkan $150,000
Seventh Udo Erlei $100,000
Eighth Dan Dizenzo $70,000