We love Evolution Gaming and look forward to ShuffleMaster (SHFL Entertainment) being a highly successful company in the online gaming marketplace.  With their recently signed deal together we can also expect Evolution to be one of the front-runners in the emerging US online market.

SHFL entertainment Establishes Relationship with Evolution Gaming

But somehow the thought of signing into a Live Dealer Casino to play on an electronic table just strikes us as a bit odd. Sure, there will be the live interaction with a highly professional and cordial dealer rather than playing a cartoon version of famous SHFL owned games like Casino War, Three Card Poker, and Let It Ride – but you will be online,  interfacing with a live dealer who is delivering an electronic game. It all just seems a bit surreal, no?


Although increasing in popularity, this reviewer refuses to play any electronic table games in a real live casino – that is simply a personal preference and possibly why this all seems so unnatural to me.  Of course any shoe at the blackjack or baccarat table may have been shuffled by ShuffleMaster and the optical readers may well know what cards I am holding. But that info can’t possibly give the casino an edge as long as the game goes on until I decide to stop.  Changing the dealer, replacing the shoe at the end of a hand,  bringing me a triple shot of Absolut with a splash of cranberry, none of these are going to change the cards or the way I play. But to get on a plane, enter a casino, and play a game I could play online (other than slots) is simply not going to happen. With that, I’m obviously not going to go online and engage a real live dealer for a rousing spin of electronic roulette,  i-Table blackjack, Hold’em or anything else for that matter.

Maybe I am just old and in the way, but the whole thing leaves me scratching my head and wondering what will come next as old world meets new in online gaming.


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