The recent PokerGO Cup has come to an end. The final tournament has finished up and the series points tallied to name the overall champion. The last tournament in the series was Event #8, a $50,000 affair won by Sean Perry for $640,000. Jeremy Ausmus narrowly missed out on the event win but did walk away as the 2022 PokerGO Cup champion once the series ended.

Details of Event #8

When the final table of Event #8 began, Perry was the chip leader. The tournament only had 32 entries, so it did not take long to get down to the final table. Perry was ready to dominate the field, taking on the remaining players within the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas.

Daniel Negreanu was seated at the table, hoping for another title win after claiming Event #6. He ended up being eliminated in fifth place. Next to go was Nick Schulman, leaving Ausmus to go in third place. This left Brock Wilson and Perry moving into the heads-up round.

Heads-up would prove to be challenging for Wilson as Perry held a 7 to 1 chip advantage when the round started. It wouldn’t take long for the final hand to go down, with Wilson having the potential to double up but it was not to be.

Wilson was in preflop with K-Q of clubs and Perry called with pocket jacks. The board fell 8-10-6 with a four on the turn. The eight on the river secured the win for Perry, with Wilson having to settle for the second-place finish.

Final Table Results:

Place Player Prize
First Sean Perry $640,000
Second Brock Wilson $416,000
Third Jeremy Ausmus $256,000
Fourth Nick Schulman $176,000
Fifth Daniel Negreanu $112,000

Battling for the PokerGO Cup Championship

As this event finished up, there were four players battling for the championship win. Ausmus was the point leader with Negreanu, Wilson, and Perry all still in the running. If Ausmus had been eliminated early on, it would have given the other poker players a shot at claiming the title, but it was not to be.

Each of the players had a shot at taking home the Cup Championship, but of course, there can only be one winner. Thanks to the Event #8 outcome, Ausmus had enough points to claim the title, finishing with 658. Not far behind was Sean Perry with 616 points.

Brock Wilson came in third with 570 and the remainder of the top ten have 300+ or fewer points. It was certainly a points race and fun to watch as the series came to a close.