Eventus-International is looking to repeat the success of their inaugural Sports Betting East and West Africa summits last year starting with Sports Betting East Africa to be held May 23-25 at the Laico Regency Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. The event will be followed by it’s West Africa counterpart in Accra, Ghana at the Kempinski Hotel in July.

Operators, suppliers, and regulators already involved in the burgeoning markets or commercial enterprises setting their sights on expansion should well consider this event.  A summit-long exhibition featuring a variety of industry professionals, from technology, software solutions providers to stalwart industry veterans such as myBet (est. 1998) and Meridian Gaming (est. 1980’s  and offering services on 4 continents, 26 countries, 86 cities, 520+ betting shops) will be presenting their wares and opportunities.

The conference will run from 8am Monday until the Networking cocktail reception begins at 5pm Tuesday. During the two day conference high profile speakers will address such subjects as the East African betting and gambling landscapes, regulation, trends, opportunities and realities. Noted names include – Heavens Gonga, CEO, Lotteries and Gaming Board Zimbabwe; Thulisizwe Johnson, CEO, Gambling Authority, Botswana; Yahaya Maikori, President, Nigerian Gaming Association Andrew Dagnall, CEO, Bettorlogic UK; Christina Thakor-Rankin, Principal Consultant, 1710 Gaming Ltd., UK and many more.

Day three of the summit is dedicated to workshops and networking. Two Masterclasses will be held, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Subjects and focus of the Masterclasses will include:

Masterclass 1

Step-by-step legal guide to establishing successful partnership

– What elements of the developments cycle can be acquired externally

– What business models can be used to engage with another operator or suppliers?
– What terms and conditions should you insist on being included in a contracts?
– What level or due diligence needs to be conducted?

Workshop leader: Amar Mehta, Partner, Chebet Mehta Advocates

12:30       Lunch

13:30       Masterclass 2

Gambling revenue tax and the emerging tax issues within the region

– Why the gaming industry is rapidly expending into new markets
– Navigating the regulations in different African jurisdictions
– Learn what to look for in taxation
– The tax system of Kenya

Workshop leader: Philip Muema, Managing Partner, Nexus Business Advisory

For more information please visit the official Sports Betting East Africa summit website. To book a seat, please contact enquiries@eventus-international.com