Not long after Senator John Bonacic introduced S03898 to the New York State Senate last week, Assemblyman Gary Pretlow has now filed A5250 an identical bill to see online poker come to pass for the state. Pretlow’s measure would allow certain interactive poker games to be deemed not games of luck but rather games of skill. With this definition, the game would not be restricted based on the state constitution.

Both Prelow and Bonacic’s bills would allow for eleven iPoker licenses to be claimed by operators with $10 million set for license fees to participate. This money would then be credited for future tax obligations which will be 15% of the gross gaming revenues earned.

Both lawmakers have filed bills in the past that dealt with online poker gaming but failed to see their measures move forward to become law. Pretlow has been more off and on when it comes to the game but currently is in the ‘on’ position, after observing the online gambling operations in New Jersey recently.

Now, it is basically a waiting game to see how lawmakers respond to the legislation that has been proposed. It seems Bonacic may have a better shot at passing online poker as the Senate has voted in favor before, the Assembly not so much.