After last month announcing the re-launch of the open-source peer-to-peer crypto-currency CasinoCoin (CSC) and the establishment of The Double C Foundation in order to support its development, the non-profit has reportedly appointed several senior industry execs to its new advisory board.

From its newly established offices in the Isle of Man, the Foundation announced those who would be joining its advisory board include Gamesys CEO Lee Fenton, CPO for Kindred Group, Britt Boeskov and OPL Gaming Group CEO Sam Hobcraft, according to the news release.

Bringing with them a wealth of experience, which spans the global gaming industry, the advisory board will reportedly aid The Double C Foundation in the promotion and adoption and best-use practices of the cryptocurrency in regulated gambling markets. Also joining the advisory board are former PokerStars‘ Director of Group Marketing, Morten Tonnesen; former Senior Regulator of the London Stock Exchange, Luke Webster; experienced iGaming executive, Jeffrey Haas; iGaming Ideas founder, David Sargeant; and Co-managing Partner at WH Partners, James Scicluna.

Director of Advocacy for the Foundation, John Caldwell (pictured), said: “To be able to announce an advisory board that includes some of the most highly-regarded professionals in this industry really highlights the growing excitement, support and confidence in CasinoCoin. “ Caldwell explained, “We have assembled a team with unparalleled experience from across the global gaming sector and beyond. This team will help guide CasinoCoin over the coming months and years as we continue our mission to bring cryptocurrency to the regulated gambling industry.”

Advisory Board member Sam Hobcraft, added: “Cryptocurrency has an important role to play in the future of gaming, but it is essential that it does so in a secure, consumer-friendly and regulated fashion.” He said, “CasinoCoin is leading the charge in this area, and I am looking forward to being involved with a project which has the potential to change the face of our industry.”

The Double C Foundation added that it is in the process of developing new integrated technologies for CasinoCoin, that in addition to responsible gaming features will include built-in KYC and AML.

The Foundation’s team reportedly includes Duncan Cameron, former Rational Group Senior Project Manager of Research & Development and John Caldwell, former Marketing Exec for PokerStars. It is committed to educating the regulated gambling industry about cryptocurrency in general and the benefits as well.