In December of 2015, the Seven Mile Casino was raided by the FBI. Suspicions of money laundering forced the hand of the federal government to shut down the Seven Mile Casino for 3 weeks. Part of the settlement to re-open the casino included that a new manager with no ties to the casino be put in charge. Shareholders and partners would also stop receiving payments for their investment in to the club.

As part of a deal with federal prosecutors, Harvey Souza – former owner of Seven Mile Casino, agreed to have no part in the club for three years. If Souza followed through on this agreement, all charges stemming from the 2015 FBI raid would be dropped.

Earlier this month, Chula Vista City Council voted to approve the sale of Seven Mile Casino to Stones South Bay Corp. All assets, and property will immediately be turned over to the family owned Stones South Bay Corp.

Prior to the vote, police Capt. Lon Turner performed a background check of the Stones South Bay Corp; along with a visit to the families other casino in Citrus Heights, Stones Gambling Hall. Both the background check, and current business check were approved by the Chula Vista police Captain, paving the way for this month’s vote.

One stipulation for the transfer of ownership was to include an agreement that in 2019, operating licenses will expire in order for the city to re-negotiate their current fee from the casino.

Seven Mile Casino is located at 285 Bay Blvd in Chula Vista. The Bayfront gambling facility offers table games, and poker to residents of the city. Stones South Bay Corp plans to keep the tradition going and hopes to build a better experience for their customers.

Co-owner Ryan Stone had this to say in a press release regarding Seven Mile Casino . . .

“Our mission is to create a first-class entertainment destination in Chula Vista that will stand as a source of pride for the City, our customers, and our employees,”