Following a 2019 hacking incident reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal, MGM Resorts International has now experienced another cyber security issue that has disrupted few hotel computer systems and casinos at the firm’s facilities located across the US, an official said, according to AP News. Additionally, this latest incident represents the second “cyber-security issue” including MGM for the period of last 4 years.

The degree of the effect was not instantly known:

The aforementioned issue started on Sunday, September 12. The degree of its effect was not instantly known on casino floors and reservation systems in Las Vegas and other states such as Massachusetts, Mississippi, Maryland, Michigan, New York and Ohio, according to Brian Ahern, the firm’s spokesman.

Furthermore, the FBI knows about the issue, according to the statement from the Bureau from its national office. Additionally, it described the incident as still ongoing and didn’t reveal details.

The investigation is ongoing:

In a statement issued by MGM Resorts, the company identified the incident as a cybersecurity issue affecting some of the company’s systems” and that its inquiry included external cyber security experts.” However, the characteristics of the issue were not reported, but the statement mentioned that “efforts to protect data included shutting down certain systems.” Additionally, it was said that “the investigation is continuing.”

According to a post on the firm’s website, it said ” the site is down.” However, the company provided phone numbers for customers to contact reservation facilities and systems. Additionally, according to a post on the firm’s BetMGM webpage in Nevada, it was recognized that some users “were unable to log on.”


MGM Resorts International owns thousands of hotel rooms in Las Vegas at facilities such as Bellagio, Aria, New York-New York, Mandalay Bay, Delano, MGM Grand, Cosmopolitan, Park MGM and Excalibur. In addition, it manages operations in Macau and China. It is one of the developers, builders and operators of luxury hotels and casinos internationally, including first class accommodation, dining, world class entertainment and facilities and high quality gaming facilities. With the luxurious designs of their hotels, resorts and casinos, they have become known as one of the main destinations for gamblers to stay and play.

Moreover, it was founded and officially launched in 1987. However, during 2015, the initial company separated in two, creating MGM Growth Properties, which deals in real estate, and MGM Resorts, which deals in property management.

The firm continues to be a leader in its field, with a huge number of awards behind it.