The Transport Bureau of Macau is reporting that the bus routes of casino shuttles could be cut from 80 to less than 50. The regularity of the services from the shuttles may also be cut 20%, as many feel that too many shuttles offer free services on the roads of Macau. The buses are taking up the roadways that could be used for public transport services.

The Traffic Affairs Consultative Committee of Macau met with the transport bureau earlier this week and according to a member of the committee, Kou Kun Pang, a gaming operator of Macau was agreeable to cut almost 20% of their routes with shuttle services so that traffic would be eased and road resources would be freed up.

Public buses of Macau stop as requested and are routed in the more populated areas. Casino shuttle buses will offer service with one-stop and can be flexible with routing. Many popular casino shuttle options will travel to resorts in Cotai, with some casinos offers heavy service while others are only lightly used.

One would think that public transport buses would be increased if the casino shuttle options are to be cut down but it has not been confirmed if more buses will be allowed. Public bus firms have had trouble recruiting drivers to work locally.