In an ongoing effort to make its Sportsbook the most flexible solution for online betting, Softswiss has implemented a content management system (CMS), which simplifies the process of managing websites launched on the platform.

Developed specifically for online sports betting projects, the new CMS incorporates all of the requirements specific to sports betting web portals while also providing clients with an additional tool for brand customization.

CMS Tool:

Previously, changes that required frontend developer work, only take seconds now. More specifically, the advance allows an operator to both add and modify any type of content on their online sports betting site quickly and seamlessly by way of a convenient CMS instrument.

Developed by Softswiss’ Sportsbook team, the system offers a broad range of functions, like updating license information and license seal; live chat setup; prompt localization; enabling improved SEO promotion; and user profile customization, header, left sidebar, footer, and contacts forms as well as many other useful features.

Banner Capabilities:

Soon, Softswiss will introduce “another significant advantage” of the novelty. Meanwhile, updates to the CMS include extended functionality to set up and manage banners on the site. That will enable operators to target banners to a particular player audience, an event, a country, or any other characteristics currently relevant to the brand.

Logical Step:

“Our main task now is to make the Sportsbook the most flexible solution for online betting. Launching the CMS is another logical step towards this goal. This is not the last technical update for the near future. We are currently working on a feature that will allow the Sportsbook to immediately stand out from the competition,” read a statement from Alexander Kamenetskyi, Product Owner for SOFTSWISS Sportsbook.

Multi-brand Back Office:

In mid-May, the team at Softswiss Sportsbook launched its new multi-brand back office, enhancing the capabilities of its clients.  Courtesy of the new functionality, operators are able to more effectively manage the betting process, in addition to collecting data related to the results of different projects in one place.

Along with technical updates, a few new features including Lootbox bonus and Hunting tournaments were introduced by the team as part of the plan for online sports betting gamification.

Website Redesign:

More recently, the Curaçao-based company unveiled its redesigned website, which according to Softswiss, is dedicated to its “not too distant” rebranding.

The revamped web portal was given an updated look and feel via 3D elements, there has also been a review of the site’s navigation, and the company’s charitable and social responsibility initiatives are now highlighted. There is also a new dedicated page where guests to the website can acquaint themselves with the experts at Softswiss. And users will also be able to receive all of the company news via email by subscribing.