Because of the recent financial difficulties being felt all around the country, many casinos are starting to consider offering gambling online, to bring in better profits. Casino experts have long considered online gambling to be a threat to land-based gaming.This is due to the fact that people could just gamble from the comfort of their own homes, as opposed to making a trip to a nearby casino, and spending their money there instead. With fewer customers coming in lately, some casinos such as Harrah’s and MGM see internet gambling as a way that they could reach many more customers, and potentially increase revenues by a sizable margin. David Schwartz from the U.N.L.V. Center for Gaming Research even believes that it would help casinos with their marketing, and would help to present a better picture of what types of people are gambling. Of course, for any of this expansion to happen at all, many internet gaming laws would have to be changed. Many casinos are hopeful that the new Obama administration could help to make it happen, but there is no set time-line planned.