For a casino that didn’t even have a poker room for most of its life, the Venetian has built up a respectable reputation for itself for great poker play through Some pretty impressive poker tournaments. The Deep Stack Extravaganza (DSE) attracts hundreds of players with each event and the popularity continues to grow.

There will be four DSE tournaments in 2009: February 2-23, April 1-25, June 1 – July 15, and November 1-25.

The first series of the year beginning in February will feature 17 $330 buy-in events, 4 events at $550 and 2 events at $1,070 – most the ever-popular No Limit Texas Hold’em. For a bit of variety, there will be an Omaha 8-or-better tournament on Feb. 8, then a HORSE tournament on Feb. 15 and finally a pot-limit Omaha event on Feb. 21. The main event will start be held on Feb. 23.