In South Dakota, a blackjack dealer has pled guilty to stealing $10,000 from his former employer, the Dakota Sioux Casino.

Employees of casino gaming venues are hired and trained in all aspects of gaming upon obtaining employment. Dealers are trained on what to do and what not to do in regards to customers as well as how to follow the rules and regulations of the game at the facility in which they work. While most employees stick to the guidelines given, some will try to take advantage of the gaming venue.

Located near Watertown, the Dakota Sioux Casino had hired Jeremy Brown to work as a blackjack dealer and he apparently swindled the venue out of $10,000. This month, Brown was in court and decided to plead guilty to a felony conspiracy charge. According to court documents, it is alleged that Brown worked with three individuals to steal the money from the venue from December 2015 until January 2016.

Brown was facing a second charge in connection with his employment. Due to the circumstances, Brown had been charged with theft by an employee of a gaming expansion on Indian land plus aiding and abetting. However, this charge has been dismissed.

The three other individuals involved; Fern Gillhave, Jordan Rondell and Lito Bolocon, all pleaded not guilty to both charges and will be seen in an Aberdeen court this July. Brown will be sentenced one month later, in August.