Measures are now being taken to provide stricter regulations in regards to advertising of online gambling. The announcement comes from the gambling regulator in Spain, Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego. The latest restrictions will affect the advertisements of any service or product related to online gambling geared towards players from Spain.

The goal of the new regulation is to reduce any negative impacts the advertisements may have, including attracting underage residents and those who are prone to gambling problems. All operators must comply with new rules and regulations and will have until April 17 if they wish to challenge any part of the amendment.

Based on the proposal, the broadcasting of advertisements for gambling will be allowed between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. and these regulations will have a direct impact on Spanish sports clubs, the online regulated market and the owners of any media channel. Under the regulation, any in-show promotions of services and products related to gambling are prohibited.

Just last year, the gambling regulator stated there would be content changes regarding advertisements for online gambling. The overall goal is to protect those who are most vulnerable, such as young residents and chronic gamblers.

Even with this new regulation moving forward, the gambling sector in Spain will be expanding and soon, players will have access to online slot machines. This is just one more reason to make changes that will protect players. No advertising for any form of online gambling will be allowed to be placed in any site that is geared towards underage residents.

At this time, no regulator oversees the advertisements or the content that is being promoted. However, with the new regulation, operators must adhere to the new rules.

With the goal of promoting responsible gambling, the restrictions will provide strict measures, but they are expected make some waves and have negative impacts on operators already in Spain, such as 888, a company that just launched a new sportsbook advertising campaign. 888 has had problems with “truth in advertising” in the past, including complaints to the UK Advertising Standards Authority. 888 immediately complied with the adjudication and amended the specific advertising campaign.