On Wednesday January 12th, 2022 the super – electric and fast – growing sports betting service named kwiff has applied and executed a major advertising campaign utilizing Sportradar’s proprietary properly – planned advertising power solution in order to jump – start their next huge stage of growth in the sports betting industry.

Sportradar’s commanding as well as influential betting specific DSP will allow kwiff to continue to optimize their multi – media buying capacity that overall increases momentum to their user acquisition achievements. kwiff’s quickly expanding network of affiliates will be ultimately reinforced by Sportradar’s smart and tactical multi – media purchasing strategy in order to drive client acquisition as well as securing reoccurring business.

Since the well – planned advertising campaign launched and went live last October of 2021, kwiff has seen a major surge in the amount of new players buying in as well as increasing reactivations in the sports betting industry. kwiff is quickly becoming a major player in this market space through their proprietary business plans.  rise in new players and an increased reactivation rate.

In the upcoming several weeks, kwiff is on pace to double up on their overall vow and obligations to provide an unparalleled amazing user experience by providing proprietary and customized ads. Players will be shown smartly – placed, well – timed, pertinent, and appealing visual stimuli and content with the goal of helping the players make wiser and more improved gambling decisions.

This method of doing business is serving kwiff extremely well as they grow at exponential rates, and their outstanding and profitable advertising strategy seems to be continuing to develop and flourish in popularity as well as market share in the ever so exploding sports betting world.

Media Statements

The CEO of kwiff, Charles Lee, stated, “Sportradar’s programmatic advertising solution, ad’s, has allowed us to build on our impressive growth over the past 12 – months. By optimizing our media buying campaigns we have seen a sharp rise in users and reactivated players which has led to considerable gains in ROI.