With admission numbers down for January and February of this year, the officials of St. Jo Frontier Casino have decided to create a rebranding campaign that will be put into action this April. For the month of January, the Las Vegas-based Affinity Gaming LLC property showed a 1% loss in adjusted gross revenue along with 81,000 visitors, which is a decline of 11%. February saw an even bigger decline of adjusted gross revenues at 3% with under 91,000 in admissions.

According to NewsPressNow, officials of the Missouri casino have decided to start a rebranding campaign this April in order to turnaround the revenue and admissions losses. The Vice President and General Manager of the facility, Jim Simms, stated that the winter season has experienced a less than stellar performance but was not poor. Simms pointed out the casino is healthy where they are and they are starting to see business come back.

The new initiative will include several changes to try and stimulate interest in the gaming venue along with enhancing the experience of the consumer. Simms says the focus for this year is customer services and the property would like to hear from customers about any issues, with a program being launched for feedback via surveys filled out by visitors.

The project will be highlighted by a new theme titled “Where Everybody Knows Your Game”. Employees will have new uniforms, billboards will be used for advertising and the property will be investing in new food items for visitors to enjoy. The bar of the gaming floor is to be revamped along with a dining area added. This renovation is expected to be completed mid-year.

As far as gaming is concerned, Simms stated that new slot machines have been added to the gaming floor as well as video poker games. Floor games are typically upgraded every three months at the venue. According to Simms, the overall changes will resemble the offerings that can be seen at gaming venues in other markets including Kansas City.