Star Casino Entertainment Group, the company from Australia, has been fined a second time over the course of two months.  

Two months ago, the Queensland state government punished Star Casino for its breach of laws. 

The company is obliged to pay a fine of AU $100 million for the second time

What does this mean for the company: 

Shannon Fentiman, Attorney-General, announced this action last Friday. She stated that this punishment is the state’s reaction to the recent events regarding the Gotterson Review.  

The Gotterson Review found that two Star’s Queensland casinos aren’t able to hold the official state casino license. The casinos in question are The Star Gold Coast and Treasury Brisbane

The company is supposed to pay the fine over the next 12 months. But that’s not all – the company will get “an experienced independent special manager to monitor The Star’s operations in Queensland.” 

The casino’s licenses will also be suspended for 90 days. Still, the suspension is postponed until December the 1st of next year, which is a gesture of goodwill company’s management and operations the opportunity to retain its position of suitability

The latest fine was imposed upon the accusations of failings at The Star Sydney. In October, the NSW regulator fined the company, deciding upon a fine of AU $100 million.  

Commenting on these accusations, Fentiman stated: “Queensland casinos must operate with integrity – and it is clear that there have been major failings by the Star group and its entities.” 

“Like many Queenslanders, I was appalled at the extent of the actions of The Star in welcoming excluded persons to their casinos and the exorbitant incentives on offer for questionable gamblers.” 

A Special Manager in two casinos: 

The special manager in Queensland will be Nicholas Weeks, the same man that was appointed to lead the Star’s casinos in NSW. 

Fentiman further explained that having a special manager who would monitor all operations in The Star’s casinos would ensure its consistency in two jurisdictions and make them appear as the same casino. 

With the joined efforts, Fentiman and Weeks may be able to rectify the issues in the casinos and make the needed progress in the right direction, which may postpone or even completely revoke the licenses’ suspension. 

Philip Crawford, the Chief Commissioner of the NSW Independent Casino, made a statement about recent events. He said he agreed with appointing Weeks as the Special Manager of both casinos and added: “The appointment of Mr Weeks as Queensland’s special manager will further support our ongoing collaboration with our Queensland regulatory counterparts.” 

“This will ensure The Star acts consistently and complies with their obligations – no matter which state they operate in.”