When travelers visit Las Vegas, there is a plethora of entertainment on offer. From shows to dining and of course the casinos, Las Vegas offers it all. Studio Air Hollywood, a Hollywood movie studio, is hoping to bring one more entertainment option to Sin City. The owner of the studio would like to reconstruct a Pan Am double decker 747 and place it on the Strip, offering travelers yet another form of unique entertainment.

Studio Air Hollywood chief executive officer Talaat Captan and business partner Anthony Toth, have already recreated a 1970s Pan Am airplane, going so far as to have flight attendants in the right outfits, the menu, cologne and event 1970s magazines. Over 400 events have been hosted within their studio aboard the Pan Am recreation in Los Angeles and the duo feel the experience would do well in Las Vegas. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, the Pan Am plane has hosted birthday parties, corporate events and even weddings, since its 2014 opening.

The experience at the Los Angeles studio is quite popular. Typically, around four to six events are hosted by the two every month and two are open to the public on every other Saturday night. The next public event is scheduled to take place Saturday, Sept. 9th and it is already sold out.

Captan would like to bring the entertainment option to Las Vegas and cash in on attendees of conventions as well as tourists. The goal is to partner with a high-end hotel and then place the plane recreation on the property.

In speaking with the Las Vegas Review Journal, Captan stated that their current clientele is mature, having traveled around the world and know what Pan Am is. The experience is considered a luxury and the target audience are individuals who stay at high-end hotels and have the resources to do something different.

The Pan Am Experience is likened to that of dinner theater. The cast consists of the pilots and stewardesses, each dressed in uniforms from the 1970s. The cast interacts with the crowd aboard the 100-seat double-decker airplane which acts as the stage.

As guests arrive, they are served with cocktails in the facsimile Pan Am lounge. The plane is then boarded and a five to six-course meal is served to guests, this will be dependent on the ticket class. Items on the menu can include shrimp, vodka, black caviar and Chateaubriand. In the 70s, it was customary for the stewardess to cut the meat of a guest in the aisle, a practice that they continue in this experience.

Basically, guests go back in time with the Pan Am Experience. According to Captan, guests are going to smell the cologne and perfume and be reminded of their grandparents. Overall, the show will last around three hours and has a cost of $300 to $400 depending on the experience. In between the meals, guests are offered the opportunity to play aviation trivia games and watch a fashion show that depicts the uniforms of Pan Am throughout the years.

Caesars Entertainment reportedly offered to rent Captan 10,000 square feet near the observation wheel, High Roller, at The LINQ Hotel & Casino, at an undisclosed price. However, the proposal from Caesars was not an attractive one, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Captan has now reportedly initiated talks with some other casino.