Irregular betting patterns are a red flag to regulators that something might be a miss. During the recent Wimbledon 2021, such patterns were uncovered, leading officials to believe that match-fixing might have taken place. An investigation has now been launched in at least two matches from the series, as possible manipulations are at play. One singles match and one doubles match are under review.

Details of the Discovery

The irregular betting patterns were spotted by several betting firms, which led to multiple reports on the matter. Currently, though, the exact details involving the bets placed have not been revealed. We do know more about the matches in question.

In the double’s match, the men’s category is under suspicion as several companies told officials that several bets were placed that the favorite would lose. While this is a normal bet, the total number of those posting live bets against the favorite was abnormally high.

The duo was able to win the first set which increased the odds of an overall loss. The partners then lost the next sets. The timing of the bets and the number of wagers placed gave sports betting operators pause and enough suspicion to alert regulators.

The second match under investigation involves a first-round singles match during the series. This match involves a German player, but it was his opponent that caused the suspicion. A large five-digit wager was placed at the end of the second set. While this is not abnormal, the bet was placed on the exact outcome of the match.

The match was also involved in special bets on the number of service games that took place in the match. These bets also proved to be winners.

Investigations Launched

When it comes to investigating match-fixing in the tennis world, the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) is in charge. The group is in charge of investigating such incidents. The group was questioned about the two incidents at Wimbledon by Welt and stated that comments could not be made at this time on the matter.

Cases under review by the ITIA remain private until the investigation is completed. Once that happens, details are revealed to the public. So far this year, the group has received 11 alerts involving matches. The betting industry can use Memoranda of Understanding options that are confidential to report any potential concerns.

Of the matches reported, nine took place on the ITF circuit. The remaining two were part of ATP 250.