In the United Kingdom, the operator of The National Lottery has reportedly suspended its mobile app following the discovery of a technical glitch that meant some players may have been incorrectly told to discard winning tickets.

According to a report from The Independent newspaper, Camelot Group has blamed the error, which meant “non-winning” messages may have been wrongly delivered to some users of its mobile app, on a new software release but declared that the problem would have affected only a minority of users.

“We can confirm that we are currently working through a reported technical issue with The National Lottery app whereby some users may have recently seen an incorrect non-winning message when checking results with either the QR scanner or manual-entry results checker,” a spokesperson for Camelot Group told the newspaper. “We believe that the vast majority of app users would have been unaffected.”

Camelot Group stated that its mobile apps would remain down while it worked on a fix and encouraged users to manually check their results using its official website at

“Our current understanding is that the issue reported is linked to a recent software release, which was implemented on October 13 for Android users and on October 20 for iOS Apple users,” the spokesperson told The Independent. “We believe that this would have only affected a very small minority of users who checked results using the app during this period under a very specific set of circumstances including attempting to open the app in offline mode after receiving an error message to this effect. Results-checking on all other channels including was unaffected.”

No winner of the Wednesday draw was recorded meaning that Saturday’s estimated top prize skyrocketed to an estimated $10.95 million.

“In the interests of all our players, we’ve temporarily locked the app while we work to fix this,” said the Camelot Group spokesperson. “We’re also working hard to reach those users who may have been affected. In the meantime, players are still able to buy and check tickets on and in any one of our 47,000 The National Lottery retail outlets. If users have any concerns regarding tickets they may have recently checked on the app, we’d encourage them to get in touch with us as soon as possible as we have a 30-day rule for lost, stolen and destroyed tickets.”

Despite the reassurances, players took to social media to vent their frustrations at the error including one punter, who asked not to be identified, that told Sky News that he had notified Camelot Group of the problem more than a week before it had been first announced.

“Very interested to see [The National] Lottery statement concerning the app,” he told Sky News. “I have to admit I am feeling rather disappointed now they never called me back after telling them of the problem. Their solution doesn’t allow for all the lucky dips.”