Studio City is a casino resort that will open this October in Macau, after having a cost of $3.2 billion to complete. The majority owner of the venue has now announced the retail brands that will be included in the shopping mall of the facility. The line-up includes the first ever outlet of Macau for the fashion brand Balmain, a designer based in Paris. Tom Ford will also be included, which should be the largest store of its kind for the United States based designer.

The shopping mall will include a total of fifty-five retail brands with such designer names as Valentino and Fendi included. Along with the luxury fashion brands, the shopping mall will also include mid-market brands including Aeronautica Militare plus Montblanc, a luxury pen and watch specialist.

Food outlets and retail banks will also be placed inside the shopping mall for consumer’s convenience. Each venue will be located inside the mall, which is titled The Boulevard of Studio City and will cover as much as 377,000 square feet. The mall is a collaboration between Taubman Asia and Studio City International Holdings Ltd.

Studio City International Holdings Ltd is a company in which Melco Crown has 60% interest. Melco Crown recently stated that the shopping center will have streets and squares that are inspired by popular entertainment locations and iconic shopping venues. This includes Beverly Hills of Hollywood and Time Square in New York.

In a unique twist, The Boulevard at Studio City will include a Times Square Macau section which will have holographic projections of famous film stars and musicians to provide entertainment for guests.