The first-ever brick-and-mortar casino dates back to 1636, when a gambling house in Venice, Italy, began operating to provide a place where gambling could be enjoyed in a controlled environment.

Casino di Venezia, as it was called, was such a success that it didn’t take too long for casinos to spread throughout the rest of Europe. In the US, things took much longer, with the first recorded casino only being built in 1905 — over 250 years later.

Other countries also were slower on the uptake than Europe. South Africa received its first casino in 1979, Australia in 1973, and even England fell behind the rest of Europe, building its first casino in 1961.

Regardless of when they arrived, physical casinos, like the online casinos found on, have spread worldwide. However, some areas have gone above and beyond to become places you must visit if you’re a gambling fan.

Las Vegas, USA

Sin City, the City of Lights, Desert Oasis, and Disneyland for Adults are just some of Las Vegas’s nicknames. But regardless of what you call it, it is arguably the world’s most famous gambling destination. From the big casinos on the Strip to the smaller casinos off the beaten path, Vegas offers gambling opportunities for everyone.

Like Macau, Vegas is home to some of the world’s biggest and most extravagant casinos. Of the top 25 largest casinos on the planet, 15 reside on the main strip, including MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, Orleans, and Mandala Bay.

The almost 150 casinos in the city mean that there are more than 160,000 slot machines available. For table players, there are an almost endless number of tables offering over 22 different kinds of games.

Atlantic City, USA

Located in New Jersey, USA, Atlantic City (or AC) is known to be tough competition for Vegas and any other gambling destination. Modern AC was established in the 1970s and ’80s when gambling first came to the city.

While it hosts only nine casinos, they are built around the famous boardwalk that attracts millions of visitors each year. The casinos draw in those looking for luck with their impressive offerings, making the small number of venues available a nonissue.

Across these casinos, there are over 9,000 slots available and more than 500 tables. Like Vegas, these tables are home to 22 different types of games that have made millionaires out of regular people for years — something that likely won’t let up any time soon.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Nicknamed the Vegas of Europe, Monte Carlo has had reoccurring roles in major Hollywood blockbusters. It is also frequently visited by celebrities and the most prominent high rollers.

While the entire city emanates style (and money), it is home to just four casinos: Casino Le Café de Paris, Sun Casino – Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo Bay Casino, and Casino de Monte-Carlo. These lack the variety of other casinos, offering just 985 slot machines and approximately 86 table games. The real gem behind these casinos, however, is the setting and the clientele.

With mostly big spenders arriving in luxury sports cars, Monte Carlo caters to many big spenders and is known for its tourism during the F1 season. That is not to say that regular players are exempt from playing, as many ordinary folks have struck it big in this city too.

Macau, China

While many expect Las Vegas to be the world capital for gambling, things changed in recent years when China created a city wholly dedicated to the pastime. Macau is also the only place where it is legal to indulge in gambling throughout China.

Because everybody from the east who wants to try their luck comes to Macau, it is packed all year long and attracts “whales” by the dozen. As such, the gambling revenue generated by the city is almost seven times more than that generated in Sin City.

Helping this along is the 36 casinos, 8,900 slot machines, and 3,500 tables hosted by the city. It is also home to seven of the 25 largest casinos on the planet.

Sun City, South Africa

Unlike the other destinations on this list, Sun City is not a city or even a group of casinos. It is a singular casino located in Rustenburg, South Africa. But one of the things that really makes this casino stand out is that it is built in the dead center of an extinct volcano.

The casino has two separate gaming areas that collectively hold more than 580 slot machines and over 40 table games that offer incredible chances of winning. Like Monte Carlo, it has been featured in quite a few Hollywood blockbusters, including GoldenEye and Iron Man 2.

Aside from the game floors, the casino attracts millions of tourists each year thanks to the resort around it. Looking for a dedicated beach with a massive wave pool, safari tours, and world-class golf courses? No problem! You can find all that here.

Paradise Island & Nassau, Bahamas

The Bahamas are synonymous with spectacular beaches, crystal-clear waters, and the type of tropical scenery that desktop and mobile wallpapers are made of. However, it is also home to 40 incredible casinos that offer thrilling ways to win.

While some of these casinos are smaller and slightly away from the views you’d probably like to see when gambling, most offer it all: jaw-dropping vistas, unbeatable entertainment, and the chance to win a sum of cash that will change your life forever.

Notable Mentions

For gambling enthusiasts, the above locations are not the only places that hold undeniable gambling thrills. Other hotspots worth considering include:

  • London, UK
  • Paris, France
  • San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Marina Bay, Singapore
  • Baden-Baden, Germany
  • New Orleans, USA
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Barcelona, Spain