On 5th June 2015 it was reported that on Thursday, Angela Leong On Kei said the multibillion dollar project for the theme park, which is to be situated next to Stanley Ho’s Lisboa Palace on the strip of Macau Cotai still has not been granted land by the government of the Chinese administrative region.

Leong is in control of the Macau Theme Park and Resort Ltd, which is the company that is endorsing this expensive project. She is also the executive director of SJM Holdings, which is one of the six operators that manage the casino properties in the popular gambling hub of Asia. The construction of Lisboa Palace Resort that should open in 2017 is under the control of SJM Holdings.

It has been said that the theme park will house five themed hotels, but the theme of these have not been revealed. The hotels at the theme park will not be fiver star though as the casino will already have these, which include a Karl Lagerfeld hotel as well as a Versace-themed hotel that will have 2000 rooms designed by the Italian fashion house.

The original plan for the theme park was announced back in 2010 and at that time without the land costs it was estimated at MOP10.4 billion.

The focus of the theme park is family orientated and it would be in three separate zones, which would include amusement park rides, an indoor beach and an equestrian center as well as convention halls. However these are just a tiny part of what the project aims to include.

The Macau Theme Park and Resort submitted an application in 2004 for 200 000 square feet on the Cotai Strip. The city government in 2006 asked the developer to divide the future property in half and they were given a site for the hotels that was 106 000. The other 94 000 square feet have still not been claimed by the company.

The Lisboa Palace might be joined with the project according to SJM Holdings in 2013. This means that the casino resort will be much larger then what it was originally planned at, but as of yet there has been no final deal on this.
Lisboa Palace will have three five star hotels, 1000 slot machines and also 700 table games.