Wang Bo is a Chinese national who is allegedly involved in a bribery case involving officials from the Bureau of Immigration. Wang currently sits in a BI detention facility in Taguig City and now the Department of Justice would like to create a special team to investigate the claims. The DOJ will be creating a fact-finding team to investigate Wang and his connection to BI officials.

Leila De Lima is the Secretary of the DOJ and recently commented that members of the BI who are linked to the case involving Wang would be investigated by the team. This would include Siegfrid Mison, the BI Commissioner and Bilbert Repizo and Abdullah Mangotara, the Associate Commissioners.

Once the group is created, the investigation would begin with why a deportation order placed on Wang was not implemented. Wang is currently facing illegal gambling and embezzlement charges in China. De Lima had approved Wang’s deportation yet he was never deported.

After De Lima had approved the deportation, it was reported that Wang had allegedly paid off lawmakers to support the Bangsamoro Basic Law. This law is considered the linchpin of a peace agreement between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the government. De Lima now has a dilemma as to whether Wang should be deported based on the bribery allegations.

The BI assisted the Chinese government previously to detain Wang as he is wanted for illegal gambling and embezzlement in China. His passport had been cancelled and a warrant for his arrest issued in China. De Lima must now decide whether to enforce the order or delay, either option could make the Secretary look suspicious amidst the allegations of bribery.

Wang is accused of opening casinos and illegal business operations with 13 billion Yuan involved. Reportedly, Wang is a major player in the Skybet network gambling company and has visited China many times to gain bank cards with other Chinese nationals.