The list of approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services by the UK Gambling Commission received another entity – The reputable affiliate portal that has been online for several years now has become one of the few ADRs to handle complaints and disputes between casino operators and players.

An official statement has been published by the portal (pdf) that points out how ThePOGG has been “successfully managing player and casino disputes” for more than three years. The statement reveals that the total number of complaints handled by the portal would soon reach 500. In the release, ThePOGG expresses pride of being recognized by the UK Gambling Commission and states that the company was looking forward to “working closely” with the authority to “continue mediating and acting as a conduct” between operators and their customers.

ThePOGG provides a high quality service to players and operators and it’s one of the first affiliate organizations to receive the ADR status by the Commission. Recently the person in charge for managing the complaints side attained The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators mediation and arbitration qualifications, thus additionally improved the site’s offer, according to information close to the source.

One of the things that make ThePOGG stand out from other ADRs is their policy of providing free services to both players and operators. The entity believes that anyone wanting to get support from their team with a 10-year experience in the gaming industry should be able to get it. Therefore, in order to prevent having cost prohibitive services, ThePOGG made them free of charge.

This isn’t the case with other known ADRs, which usually never charge players, but they do include certain service fees for operators.