A famous destination for tourists from all around the world, Las Vegas Strip, will become even more magnificent. 

A new skyscraper, 699 feet tall, will become a part of the Casino Royale site. It was announced to the public after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gave the heads up to the construction of the skyscraper.

Third-largest building in Las Vegas:

The aeronautical study of the FAA was required before starting construction and it was sponsored by Casino Royale. The skyscraper will be located at 3411 Las Vegas Blvd, just across the street from the Mirage Volcano, on the company’s site. However, not much additional information is available at the moment – we only know that any “determination becomes final on August 30, 2023, unless a petition is timely filed.”

If the FAA approves the building and Casino Royale gets a new addition, the new building will be among the largest ones in the whole of Las Vegas. Larger will be only the famous Strat, and still not opened Fontainebleau. 

And what do the new plans mean for the current building of the Casino Royale? Some changes will have to be made, including the demolition of the old, small casino to make some space for the new one. 

An aeronautical study that the FAA conducted was very detailed and precise, including the deadline for beginning the works on the construction. According to the source, the construction must start before January 21, 2025, which is the date when the approval expires.

Plans for the construction:

In a detailed public notice that has 11 pages, the FAA stated that “the proposed structure is in close vicinity to substantial, frequent helicopter air tour operations at LAS (Harry Reid International Airport) and the Las Vegas Strip.” That was the main part of the FAA’s investigation, and they even required public input. 

At least ten days before the works on the construction begin, the company is obligated to fill out the form and submit it to the FFA. Submitting the form will also be required within five days at the point when the building gets to its greatest height.

However, none of the plans for this huge upcoming project hasn’t been submitted in Clark County so far.

Reportedly, neither Craig Dudley, a sponsor of the project, nor Capitol Airspace Group, the sponsor’s representative, wanted to comment on this course of events, as well as the Casino Royale itself.

Casino Royale’s owner, Best Western, also didn’t comment on the situation.