Following the recent involvements of former and current athletes in illegal sports betting, the NFL sports league has reportedly turned to the U.S. Congress to help handle the illegal gambling issue pending to the League. As reported by Front Office Sports (FOS), the NFL referral to the federal authorities was driven by the League’s review of its internal gambling policy.

Common Approach to Combat Illegal Betting:

Such an approach is reportedly similar to the NCAA’s policy advocating the adherence to the name, image and likeness (NIL) postulates among the athletes to promote the NCAA programs by following the respective code of conduct.  Jonathan Nabavi, NFL vice president of public policy and government affairs, reportedly said in a statement: “We believe that additional attention and resources are needed from lawmakers and law enforcement to address the illicit sports betting market, which still has the power of incumbency.”

Another similarity between the NFL and NCAA in this regard arises out of the fact that seven NCAA athletes have recently been accused of illegal gambling activities in Iowa. Likewise, FOS reports that the NFL has suspended ten players this year following the allegations of  their respective gambling violations with Denver player Eyioma Uwazurike reportedly facing a criminal investigation in Colorado after being suspended indefinitely by the NFL in 2022.

Lawmakers Disappointed:

But the legislature seems frustrated by the NFL’s appeal, according to the source, as its cry for federal help has come after the Congress had requested the League to answer the questions referring to to the current number of investigations taken to track suspicious wagering activities in the NFL.

Rep. Dina Titus (Dem.) of Nevada, who co-chairs the Congressional Gaming Caucus, reportedly said: “It’s very disappointing that the NFL has declined to answer our questions and instead pivoted to illegal sports betting generally in their response. It makes one wonder what they are trying to hide.”

Amended Genius Terms:

As FOS reports, the NFL’s official sports betting and media data provider, Genius Sports, has changed the terms and conditions of its rights contract with the organization which was recently extended for three years. Under the amended contract, Genius will provide cash payments instead of 4 million warrants. As reported, the amendment is designed to be ”less dilutive” to shareholders and more effectively managing cost-related issues.

Not unveiling the cash terms, Genius reportedly said that the company has at least $832.5 million in future sports data and rights commitments. According to FOS, the provider also said that ‘a significant majority’ of its data rights fees refer to the NFL. Indeed, the NFL now reportedly has 18.5 million in warrants in Genius Sports collectively amounting to around $133 million.