According to a recent series of articles to be found at Latest Bingo Bonuses (LBB) over the last several weeks the website has been moved to assign three formerly trusted bingo rooms to their Blacklist. The blacklists maintained by the LCB network and other industry affiliates allow players to quickly learn all they need to know about a gaming site’s credibility and make informed decisions on where to gamble. After all, players should only need to gamble once on the game, not later when it’s time to collect their winnings.

However, being blacklisted doesn’t always mean that a disgraced site can’t be redeemed through future good conduct. Many programs in the past have turned the corner on shady business practices, were able to remedy internal failings or funding shortfalls, and generally earn the right to be recommended again on many review sites, including LBB. Some, of course, can never turn the corner but there is always hope that a censured site will return to treating their players and business partners with fairness and re-earn the trust needed in such simple transactions as a fair game, paying a bet laid, and honoring a contract.

Bingo Mania:

Players should be wary of a provider of any service or product that seems to be shouting, “Play here, where we rip off the other guy and pass the savings onto you!” If they don’t honor their business agreements, with the people who provide them customers and thus profits, how can any player think that such a business would treat them fairly?

That seems to be what has occurred with Bingo Mania. They closed out their affiliate program in breach of contract with a multitude of marketing partners, including LBB. In a nutshell, according to the report, Bingo Mania Blacklisted – Beware! before dissolving the affiliate program they had owed LBB commissions for an extensive period of time, earning a place on the Blacklist previously. After paying arrears and reaching an agreement to go forward it was discovered that their affiliate site had evaporated into the ethers.

Glo Wood of LBB said of Bingo Mania: “It is strongly advised that you opt for a better bingo site. Avoid Bingo Mania and its sister site, They are part of the same group and are not to be trusted! Your best interest is at the core of what we do, so please be warned.”


BitBingo, a bingo site accepting bitcoin exclusively, found themselves on the LBB Blacklist with a March 2, 2017, announcement entitled Warning: BitBingo Gone MIA. It seems the first outward signs of trouble alerting to a problem were the site’s failure to honor a cashback scheme for players and a vanishing customer service department, but more appeared later.

According to the Blacklist announcement, a player posted a complaint about not getting his cashback bonus on February 5, 2017. The cashback program was related to a so-called 200% first deposit match, wherein, rather than putting in 2 bc for each bitcoin on first deposit, they were supposed to put cash back into player’s accounts in 25% increments.

The actual player complaint states it best: ‘Please be aware that after depositing here twice and over 40 emails/chat request (they say they have chat support!) Please know that the “200% bonus” is NOT really a bonus but a “cashback” 25% released over a period of days,25% per day gmt +2 hours everyday at midnight if you lost (equaling up to 200% of your original deposit) and NOTHING has been put in my account! Waited 48 hours now, NOTHING added “33ish PENDING” and I would avoid this site like the plague!’

Further problems include BitBingo never replying to players or even LBB when they reached out to help the player. Private messages to the BitBingo representative also were also reportedly ignored. The email address entered by the rep for his forum account was bogus.

After nearly a month of attempts and patience, players were warned and the site was blacklisted. As icing on a cake made of fertilizer BitBingo closed the players account with no compensation and no explanation.

Game Village Bingo:

It seems this may be a case of “Play at Game Village Bingo, where we rip off the other guy and pass the savings on to you!”

According to an announcement on March 7, 2017, simply titled, Game Village Bingo Blacklisted, LBB reports that Game Village Bingo stopped paying for marketing services already rendered. It would appear that the bingo room switched affiliate programs and “lost” their marketing partners details in the switch-over. These records included the details of customers who had been referred to Game Village over several years.

After repeated attempts and a period of time, Game Village was unable or unwilling to “find” the account and stopped communicating.

In the world of online gambling, trust and payment processing are paramount. When players find such clear evidence presented in regard to a site’s integrity, they may be wise to heed the friendly reminder that there are better things to gamble on than whether they’ll get paid when they win.