A gaming dispute between the state of Arizona and the Tohono O’odham Nation continues with court filings from both sides on Wednesday. A hearing took place on the matter of a new gaming compact with Class II capabilities and a federal judge asked both the state and the tribe if they would be able to settle the matter.

As part of their filing on Wednesday, the tribe stated that the Nation does not believe that a settlement is imminent. The issue involves the Desert Diamond West Valley Casino and Resort and if the venue should be provided with a Class III gaming license. The state has refused to provide the facility with a Class III gaming compact and claim that the tribe has pursued the license via fraudulent ways.

Just recently, the state signed a compact with eight other tribal groups that would provide the West Valley with Class III gaming options but the tribe is skeptical of the agreement. In the filing from Wednesday it says that even though the Nation is still reviewing the proposal by the state and trying to figure out how to respond, the current terms of the proposal are not likely to be accepted by the Nation.

With no settlement in sight, Judge David Campbell will be continuing with a hearing previously scheduled for December 14th. Arguments during the hearing could determine if the tribe will gain a Class III gaming license or be declined the option.