Swedish financial technologies firm Trustly Group AB has announced that it has processed upwards of €10 billion ($11.6 billion) since starting business in 2008 with approximately €4.1 billion ($4.7 billion) of this handled during the first ten months of 2017.

Stockholm-based Trustly Group AB, which has regional offices in Germany, Malta, Spain and the United Kingdom, recently inked a partnership deal with software solutions innovator Emric AB while August saw it become an online banking option for customers of e-commerce payments provider Qliro AB. It stated that its volume success is due to agreements such as these with consumers in 29 European markets now able to utilize its services to simply and safely transfer funds and make payments.

Oscar Berglund, Chief Executive Officer for Trustly Group AB, described surpassing €10 billion in processed volumes as ‘an important milestone’ that demonstrates how the firm’s services are ‘quickly becoming the preferred online payment means for many consumers across Europe’.

“Using Trustly [Group AB], it is as easy to pay directly from one’s online bank account as it is to pay cash in the physical world,” read a statement from Berglund.