Online instant-win and lottery games innovator Twelve40 has announced that its unique proprietary platform will soon feature the Take5Live football wagering game from alternative betting exchange Spiffx.

Jersey-based Twelve40 revealed the supply deal via a press release before describing Take5Live as an ‘innovative live football betting title’ that allows players to bet on whether a goal will be scored in specific matches within five-minutes intervals with all winning wagers ‘reconciled immediately’.

Nigel Renouf, Business Development Director for Twelve40, declared that he is ‘delighted’ to be introducing Take5Live to his firm’s online casino platform as it continues to grow its appeal by adding ‘the latest and most innovative games’.

“The dynamic and fast-moving nature of modern football is perfectly matched by the intuitive user experience of Take5Live [and] we are sure it will prove a hit with all of our partners,” read a statement from Renouf.

For his part, Lennart Gilberg, Acting Chief Executive Officer for Spiffx, proclaimed that Twelve40 is the ‘perfect partner’ to aid his company’s efforts at ‘expanding our global footprint’.

“Twelve40 have been great to work with throughout this integration and we look forward to working closely with it in a long and rewarding relationship,” read a statement from Gilberg.