A federal investigation is underway involving the Two Kings Casino, after documents surfaced that payments were made to members of politician’s families based on the development. Reports broke over the weekend that highlighted information regarding payments made to Representative James Clyburn’s brother and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s husband in the form of shares within the Kings Mountain Equipment Supply LLC.

The report also revealed that Patti Solis Doyle, a democratic political operator, and Butch Bowers, the attorney for Haley, also received stakes from the company. Wall Street Journal was able to determine that with every $1 the Two Kings Casino makes from slots, the backing company earns a $0.20 profit, making the stock in the company quite valuable.

Investigations Begin

The National Indiana Gaming Commission is also investigating the matter along with the federal government. Both groups will be looking into the reports of shares provided to the individuals listed above and their role in getting the casino plans up and running.

The Two Kings Casino was originally going to be placed in South Carolina, but the venue could not go there due to lawmakers refusing to allow gaming in the state. The tribe then choose a rural area near Charlotte, North Carolina.

Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a bill in South Carolina that allowed the Catawba tribe to move its casino to North Carolina. The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians already offers two casinos in this area and tried to sue the effort. At the time, Rep. Clyburn introduced a measure to prevent the tribe from suing for allowing the Catawba to build the casino in the state.

Moving Forward

With nothing standing in its way, the Two Kings Casino held a soft opening in July of last year. By December, the venue offered 1,000 gaming machines, dining options, and beverages in its temporary facility.

Trailers are being used to offer casino gaming until the larger resort can be built. Now, those plans will be on hold as federal officials investigate the process of allowing the casino to be constructed in North Carolina.

it is unclear if the casino will be allowed to continue to offer its temporary services while the investigation is ongoing. So far, that seems to be the case. It will be interesting to see what a further investigation uncovers in this case and if the Two Kings Casino will be allowed to carry on or if the project will be shut down for the time being.