Hamid Kreidi is the CEO of the Casino du Liban, a venue located in Lebanon, who recently was accused of mismanaging the property. Two shareholders of the casino have filed a complaint alleging that financial mismanagement of the property has taken place with the casino seeing a shrinkage in turnover during a time frame ranging from 2012 to 2015.

Naji Salem is a former employee of the casino who with his lawyer, Wadih Akl, filed a suit with the court of Jounieh with the complaint. In the suit, it states that the casino was mismanaged financially and turnover shrank by more than 30% from 2012 to last year, in 2015. Both Salem and Akl are shareholders within the company, with their shares having not been disclosed to the public.

According to G3Newswire, the suit states that the mismanagement saw turnover decreased by 100bn Lebanese pounds in total. Akl commented on the complaint, stating it was the first of its kind to take place against the Casino du Liban. A judge will hear both sides before a decision will be made, which should take place over the next few weeks with a director to be appointed as well by the judge.

A statement was issued by the casino on the matter which read that the charges are false. The casino is reserving the right to take the complainants to court on charges of defamation in criminal court as well as go to civil court to seek damages on the matter.