Despite the UK embracing online gambling, the study shows that about the same amount are playing online. The study showed that just under nine percent had gambled remotely (using a computer, web capable phone or interactive TV) in the past month which is identical to the study done the year before.

The 2005 U.K. Gambling Act, which didn’t go into effect until January of 2007 allows for companies to purchase television advertisement which they were counting on to bring in new players. This doesn’t seem to be the case, or at least the effect hasn’t been seen yet.

The report also shows that the average remote gambler in the UK is more likely to be male although there was a slight growth in the number of females who remotely gamble. A good portion have participated in gambling other than the National Lottery, with a slightly larger amount saying they have played the National Lottery either solely or in combination with other games. Computers are the most popular means, followed by web enabled phones, and lastly interactive TVs.