The UK Gambling Commission announced on September 14, 2023 that this regulatory body will establish an Industry Forum that will include the Britain’s gambling industry stakeholders and provide the Commission with an extended insight into the operating issues of the gambling service providers.

New Commission’s Establishment:

The need to get such an insight is reportedly the basic reason for the Commission to have the Forum established. Marcus Boyle, Commission Chair, reportedly said: “We’ve always listened to the views of the industry when deciding how best to make progress but this new forum will give us another way to work with representatives from the industry we regulate.”

According to the regulator, the Forum will be its vehicle to get directly involved into a range of stakeholder initiatives and advisory groups, such as the Commission’s entities Lived Experience Advisory Panel, the Advisory Board for Safer Gambling, and the Digital Advisory Panel. But the new establishment is reportedly also designed to strengthen the gambling authority’s connections with the consumer research field, as well as the relationships with international gambling regulators and research organizations.

Such connections with the Forum are reportedly aimed to provide the regulator with further insight into the industry trends and the effectiveness of the applicable regulations. Industry Forum will therefore furbish the stakeholders with industry views on fields like account management or the Commission’s data program, and provide consultations and clarifications of industry-specific issues.

Industry-Related Members:

At the same time, this regulator’s group will reportedly include stakeholders that have a thorough understanding of the British gambling industry’s conditions and circumstances and are fully aware of the challenges and opportunities associated with its operations. Being familiar with the industry, these Forum members may provide suggestions for further regulatory improvements and adjustments as, according to the regulatory authority, they will represent a wide range of gambling sectors.

New Group Launch:

All the gambling sectors and around ten members representatives will reportedly constitute the new establishment which will be led by the Chair of the Forum. The Gambling Commission will reportedly appoint the Chair for a three-year mandate, with the recruitment process set to begin in September 2023. UK regulator informed that it will be during the same month that it will be inviting stakeholders to submit expressions of interest for a member of the new entity.

The process will result in the launch of the Gambling Commission’s Industry Forum to facilitate an in-depth view into the gambling industry operations and trends for the regulator to respectively tailor further activities.