In Touch Games, Limited has its license to operate in Great Britain suspended. The UK Gambling Commission sees the online gambling business as unsuitable to hold the license after the review. The Gambling Act 2005 allowed the review under section 116. 

The suspension due to violations:

The review has seen the company’s actions as suspicious and not in accordance with the Act. The Commission decided that the company wasn’t suitable to hold the license anymore since the laws prescribed by the Act weren’t followed. The license is granted with a few conditions, but the company didn’t comply with them. The particular conditions that were allegedly violated were connected to money laundering, as well as the fair and clear terms and practices of In Touch. There was also the issue of reporting various important industry events. 

Section 118 (2) of the Act allowed the Commission to suspend the license due to mentioned reasons. The operator is notified about the suspension as one part of the Commission’s mission to improve the conditions in the industry and make the whole gambling and gaming department more fair towards the players. The players are also informed about the decision since it highly affects them.

On the other hand, the players will be able to access their accounts and withdraw the funds they already deposited. The company is currently in charge of many popular websites across the UK, such as,,,,,,,, and, and all of them still can be contacted on the company’s websites.

As soon as the press release was published, the suspension took place, and the required actions were immediately conducted.

BGC suspension is the following:

Just after the Gambling Commission suspended the popular operator’s license, the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) did the same thing and took the company’s license

The Council’s spokesperson commented on this new course of events, saying: “Following the suspension of their operating license by the Gambling Commission, consistent with our strict rules, we are immediately suspending In Touch Games Ltd’s membership of the BGC while the details of the case are investigated. As the standards body representing the regulated industry, our top priority is ensuring that the interests of In Touch Games Ltd customers are protected.”

Will In Touch, a leading renowned casino operator and Bingo and Casino provider, remain on top after these suspensions? It remains to be seen in the future.